Backyard Barbeque Opens in Freeport

Backyard Barbeque, a southern bbq and blues restaurant in Freeport, has only been open for a few weeks, but it is by far Black-Owned Long Island’s most talked about spot.

“We want to bring southern comfort and hospitality to our guest,” says Archie, a retired sanitation worker from Roosevelt, NY who prepared food out of his home along with his wife and business partner Valerie for 3 years before opening up their restaurant.

Archie says, “My attraction to cooking started from when I was a small child watching my mother cook family meals in the kitchen. I always watched to find out those secret recipes and ingredients so that I could try them when she wasn’t home”.

His love for food and blues is what you will experience at Backyard Barbeque. “There is something about that low and slow that brings so much joy to my friends, family, and now to you my customers.”

They have a little bit of everything on the menu: pulled pork, wings, pork belly, ribs, beef brisket, chicken and waffles.
Archie’s #1 favorite is the lemon pepper brisket. Everything is smoked in a southern style smoker to enhance the flavor – even the mac & cheese. All the food is locally sourced and crafted with love.


“I want people to feel welcomed and leave full and content,” says Valerie Ware. Judging from the menu, mission accomplished!

If you’re looking for good ole southern bbq and blues, you can get it in one sitting, 6 days out the week at Backyard Barbeque in Freeport.

For restaurant hours and directions click here.

Website: bbqonthemile.com


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