Escape the day at the Little Spa on the Mile – Freeport, NY

I got dressed, gathered my belongings and finally regained consciousness. At that point, I realized I couldn’t let it get this bad ever again.

On my journey to better self-care, I will admit I haven’t been doing so well. I recently embarked on a new career journey and have been “heads down.” Although I know self-care isn’t a reward, I still struggle with making it part of my new lifestyle and process. During my transition, I was unsatisfied with the choices I made in my diet and overall lifestyle. In hindsight, I felt like I abandoned everything that got me to the place I needed to be to take on a new career. Good news is, I have officially conquered the first few months, and I am ready to get back on my self-care journey.

I am not sure about you, but for me to get back into something, I need to reset. It can be tempting to jump right back in, but we know how that goes. Things will only get worse and eventually spiral out of control. To reset and get back in my groove, I decided to spend some time at The Little Spa on the Mile in Freeport, NY.

The Little Spa on the Mile designs custom spa experiences for men and women. The owner LaFern is a 22 years’ veteran of the beauty business, providing the most excellent quality of Aesthetic treatments.

I expected this to be your typical table massage – oil, firm hands and a nap. I was wrong about everything but the nap.

After getting undressed, I climbed on top of the table and cozied up to the smell of lavender and the waves of the relaxing music in the background. The temperature in the room was right. The peacefully-decorated space is designed to deliver the most soothing experience.

The Jamaica Beautiful Body Polish

I selected the Jamaica Beautiful Body Polish full body scrub that removes dead skin cells, leaving smooth, radiant, and polished skin while touching the spirit and body as a whole. Following the scrub, I received A purifying body mud mask to follow that eliminates congestion and skin impurities with extractions along the way to uncover a more luminous complexion. This ultra-lux treatment finishes with a full body moisturizing, leaving my body glowing and ultimately rejuvenated.

I See You Beautiful Facial

Because I can’t seem to shake adult acne, I decided to get the I see you beautiful treatment for acne-prone skin. This effective in-depth cleansing treatment uses des-incrustation solution and galvanic current to dissolve congestion and unclog pores to achieve a smooth and bright surface. Following this process, all the black and white heads were easily extracted. Following the extraction was a soothing vanilla mask.

I hope this warm weather is here to stay because I am ready to show off my refreshed and relaxed skin. I am so happy to get back on my self-care journey. Thanks, LaFern!

At the Little Spa on the Mile in Freeport, NY, anyone can receive the luxurious treatment too.