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    Yes, there are other qualified and certified people and huge facilities that offer training and programs to help the individual to get fit. These are good. Where we differentiate from others is simply in the Service and Love!.

    Our goal is to actually institute being personable back into personal training. Meaning ...

    1: We have a positive and productive vibe about us.

    2: We are Consistent, if you have an appointment booked, it will be completed.

    3:  We are actually in Shape, we walk it as we talk it.

    4: We are well read and certified so we speak from a position of strength and intelligence.

    5: Our focus is you, so there is No texting and web surfing during a session.

    6: We Love our Careers it is our passion and not just a means to an end or way to make money. It is our life and not a hobby.

    7: We Pride ourselves on Results.

    8: We check in and follow up on our clients.

    9: We are Fun have Great Energy and understand there is no 1 size fits all. Everyone is different.

    10: We will Train Anyone!.

    This is our calling, we take it very seriously and recognize that we are all just a reflection of each other. 1 hand washes the other and both wash the face. Let's grow and build together ... A3workout

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