Prime 39 in Lynbrook, NY

Recently, the Black-Owned Long Island team decided to head over to Prime 39 in Lynbrook, NY.  When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by a lovely hostess. She seated us and the vibes immediately started. 

We began our night by ordering cocktails thanks to our lovely waiter. He surprised us with his favorite drinks which we still don’t know the name of but they were amazing! Shortly after, we ordered the Prime Crab Cakes as our appetizer. 


The crab cakes were fresh and had a hint of smoky flavor thanks to the cajun remoulade that it was paired with. I definitely recommend ordering the crab cakes! It was so good that we ordered more.

We had a hard time making a decision for our dinner since we wanted to try everything. At the table we had a share of the stuffed shrimp, 6oz petite filet, with Garlic Mash and Truffle Mac and Cheese. 

My meal, the stuffed shrimp, hit the spot. Each shrimp was stuffed with lump crab in a creamy garlic sauce and paired with spinach rice. The garlic mash and truffle Mac and cheese were very tasty. 

As the night went on we had another round of drinks which included the Oui cocktail, Lychee Rimetini, and a Coco Rimerita. All of the drinks were amazing, strong, and appealing to the eye. The Oui cocktail came in a bird glass which is something I’ve never seen before. 

For dessert, we ended with the Waffle and cream. Though a petite waffle, this dessert is bursting with a cinnamon sugar flavor. If you have a sweet tooth this is the dessert for you!

This restaurant is a 10/10 from the food, drinks, ambience, service down to the decor. 

Prime 39 has also just introduced their Brunch and Bubbles every Sunday. 

Prime 39 is located at 39 Atlantic Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563. Be sure to check them out at prime39.com!