Something to Smile About – Coral Oral Toothbrush

A recent business publication suggests the personal care product industry boasts roughly 750 companies that produce a combined annual revenue of more than $40 billion. The 50 largest companies generate almost 70% of the entire revenue. We are happy to share there is a black-owned toothbrush company that shares in this space. 

Coral Oral is the first black-owned toothbrush company that aims to be the leading oral hygiene company in the world.


Their Story 

Coral Oral was founded and is ran by a youth group in Atlanta, GA. The mission of the company is to help build a strong oral health community. Not only does Coral Oral provide jobs for inner-city youth, but they teach them about proper oral hygiene and social entrepreneurship. It’s that simple.

Representation Matters

Coral Oral believes showcasing models close to our complexion and featuring a Black history fact to help brings a sense of dignity when brushing our teeth. #Facts 

How Can I Purchase a Pack of Coral Oral Toothbrush?


Individuals can purchase Coral Oral tooth brushes here at coraloral.com or webuyback.com


Help get Coral Oral in the hands of millions. Just fill out their short interest form and they will get back to you immediately.

Connected to a dental office and would like to supply patients with Coral Oral toothbrushes? They have a system all worked for this. Contact them to get the conversation started.


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