Southern-Style Restaurant LL Dent to Close Next Month

This is bittersweet news but our favorite soul food restaurant will be closing their doors. We had a chance to catch up with Lillian and Lesia and they confirmed the restaurant would close at the end of February.
It is not an easy task to operate a restaurant for 13 years! The rising cost of food and labor was a key factor in their decision. “Don’t be sad, this is not goodbye?” says Lesia. Although they did not share their plans for the future, she is still optimistic about the possibilities. For now, both women plan on taking a break.
We are so proud of the soulful energy, food, and warmth they brought to Long Island. Their establishment will truly be missed. We wish them all the best!
LL Dent will likely stay open until Feb 28th, but Leisa says it might be earlier so don’t delay your visit – we didn’t!


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