The Goodie Bag, NY


There is an old saying that reads, “family and business do not mix.” Well, after meeting the four owners of The Best Goodie Bag NY, the saying is far from accurate. 

Meet Darlene, Caprice, Eleesa, and Dale owners and the creative geniuses behind the brand. 


The Best Goddie Bag NY is located in Valley Stream, a family-owned and operated bakery that has been in business for over 12 years. “In 2008, we decided to throw our Grandmother an 84th birthday celebration. Instead of buying her a cake and treats, we decided to do them ourselves. From that, a business erupted. That business has since blossomed into a passion that we each share. We are 100% self-taught and have built this business from the ground up,” says Darlene, part owner. 


The Best Goodie Bag NY is known for its elaborate custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. 

“We are called the Best Goodie Bag because you have all your sweet treats in the bag,” says part-owner Caprice.


The family describes their Grandmother as foundational to their business. She was very family-oriented and a “jack of all trades.” One of their best selling items is called “Grandma Juice.” “My mother, their Grandmother would make juice for all her grandkids with whatever she had. It tasted delicious, and it was never the same each time,” Darlene stated. 


The shop also carries an assortment of candies, homemade ice cream plus vegan and gluten friendly items. 


“I want customers to know our stuff looks good, and it tastes as good as it looks. I love doing this, and I want people to love it as much I love making it,” Darlene says. 

The Black-Owned Long Island team had a chance to sample everything from the cupcakes, cookies, and banana pudding, and everything tasted delicious—every crumb and calorie was worth it. 


“As a result of the pandemic, things picked up and have forced us to take our business online,” says Caprice, part owner. 

The shop now has a national reach and offers online cake decorating classes and even cake pop kits to make and decorate cake pops at home. 


“Although the pandemic has been challenging for us, we delivered sweet treats to frontline workers locally to show our appreciation,” says Darlene. 



You can pick up your “Goodie Bag” and sweet treats by visiting their location in Valley Stream or check them out on social media. 


The shop also plans to begin delivering via Grubhub, so standby for more info. 


The Goodie Bag, NY

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