Why Poor Use of Technology in Historical Organizations Could Be Detrimental

It is not news that we all thrive with technology. With Millennials surpassing Baby Boomers, Millennials are at the center of transforming Historical Organizations worldwide.

However, Historical Organizations have seen a decline in membership and participation because Millennials don’t find that the organization resonates with their lifestyle. Given their fluency and comfort with technology, Millennials are more likely to join orgs and movements with technology at its core.

Whether its membership recruitment, community development programs, fundraising or advocacy, technology have replaced the way groups activate change.

While most orgs use some form of technology, a recent survey shows more than one-quarter of participants referred to historical organizations as “old school.” Additionally, respondents who were under the age of 40 have been cutting ties with groups in record numbers for the following reasons:

  • The org lacked agility, innovation, and technology (Social Media, functional website and apps).
  • They did not see value in the group because it lacked social capital and broad reach
  • Messaging is fragmented
  • The org had inter-generational gaps
  • The Group lacked proper curation

Depending on the size of your org, decades of history and legacy, there are many paths to tech transformation. No, they do not happen overnight.

Doubling down on tech starts with:

Transform from the top down:

Adoption of technology has to start at the top but should spread throughout the organization. The most attractive orgs adopt technology and harness them to maximize results.

Be Disruptive:

Developing a technology strategy, appending it to the top of your agenda is key to aggressively transforming your org. You will have to change the overall organization model, brand and outreach tactics. Lose the phrase “Historically this is how we did it”. Develop strong pockets of innovation using your relationships. Identify a tech thought leader and lovers and doers of tech and embrace them.

Be Agile

Technology is rapidly changing and it will be here forever. The organization’s ability to move quickly and easily will be key to rising and staying on top.

As technology continues to broaden, Millennials would prefer to become members of organizations that align with their lifestyle. However, Millennials are looking for forward-thinking groups that consist of their peers and utilize technology overall.


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